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Emerging and Evolving Risks

Identifying and understanding the world’s emerging and evolving risks and their impact to society and our customers is at the center of all that we do.

Zurich Exporter Solutions: Helping manage your international risks
Feb 11, 2020

Zurich can help you craft a global solution for today and as your company grows to help better identify and mitigate exposures of conducting business abroad.


In a global economy, the boundaries of business can change quickly for companies of all sizes. If your company’s growth means crossing international borders, your current domestic insurance policies may not be enough to handle the risk exposures of conducting business in other nations.

The risks of doing business abroad aren’t limited to large multi-national enterprises. Any company may be at risk, regardless of size.

Zurich Exporter Solutions was created to help you manage international exposures. And now our packaged insurance solution for domestic companies moving into the global arena is available in a convenient, cost-efficient multi-year policy (up to three years), so you can take a longer view on your company’s growth.