Convective Storm Resource Hub
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Convective Storm Resource Hub

Insights to help businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover from lightning strikes, hailstorms and tornadoes


Helpful guide to convective storms for businesses

Information about convective storms plus emergency management plans for mitigation, response and recovery
from lightning strikes, hailstorms and tornadoes

Severe convective storms and thunderstorms can lead to a long list of natural perils that include tornadoes, lightning, hail and flash flooding. Learn how, when and where they can occur.

Tornadoes can be devastating, but following the four phases of an Emergency Response Plan can help protect your people and property before, during and after the storm.

How to protect your commercial property from the damage lightning causes. Consider these tips to prevent and recover from this severe weather event.

When it comes to property losses, no single feature of severe convective storms can match the toll exacted by hail. Learn how to protect yourself and your property from hailstorms.

Convective Storm Resource Hub

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