Wildfire News and Insights
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Wildfire Resource Hub

Insights to help businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover from wildfires

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Helpful guide to wildfires for businesses

Information about wildfires plus emergency management plans for mitigation, response and recovery

What causes wildfires, where do they occur and what conditions can increase the risk? Learn about the role that climate change plays and the economic impact of wildfires.

Protecting property and people begins with a plan that addresses actions to take before, during and after a wildfire. Removing combustibles is key to preventing wildfire losses.

It’s “safety first” when a wildfire is threatening. Now is the time to activate your emergency response plan, which can help prevent or limit property damage and keep employees safe.

Wildfires can destroy everything in their path. Recovering from such devastation won’t be easy, but early planning can help businesses rebuild with greater resilience.

Wildfire News and Insights

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